Arduino IDE 2.0 (Beta)

Finally, Arduino released the new Arduino IDE. This is what we've all been waiting for. I absolutely love this new update. It's a lot better than what it was.

Arduino 1.0 looked like this :

This version of Arduino has been really funky and hard to use. Now they have put everything into one application. For example, on this version to add a library or to change the board type you would have to go to the menu which was really annoying. It was not also a full text editor where you can have multiple programming languages. But this new update :

Here's some of the new features :

  • Autocompletion - This was one of the things Arduno IDE was missing

  • Live debugger - This works with serial monitor to have better debugging system

  • Workspace - Finally you can have workspace in the Arduino IDE, which makes it easier to navigate through files and programs.

  • Library Manager - New library manager that allows you to add libraries in a better system

This new update was a win for us programmers. It's a very good update and I can't wait to use this program for different projects. If you want to download it you can find it here : Arduino IDE .